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Top 13 funny comics about cats and dogs that refresh and boost your mind!

Hilarious comics with animals that were talking with one another and discussing about real life. These hilarious and funny comics depicting the reality of real world.

Have you ever looked at your pet and wished you knew what they were thinking, especially when they’re doing something weird like cat and dog friendship or sitting quietly staring into the corner? Well, the truth is, until a revolutionary comes along with a dog and cat to-human translator, we’ll never know. However, this fact does not prevent an artist from interpreting animal speech in funny comics.

Jimmy Craig is a comic artist who started a comic series called The Can Talk in 2015 where he imagines what animals would say if they could talk. Since then, the artist has created numerous comic strips. And never ceases to amaze us with his creativity. . Check out some of her hilarious pics from his gallery below!


Deep meaning in the picture where big cats take care oc small little orphan kittens


Cat ready to hunt












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