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The Devir family welcomed their son into the world; here’s how things are going in 14 humorous comics

There is no need to introduce the legendary comic book creators Yehuda and Maya Devir from Israel; the husband and wife team is a force to be reckoned with in the art world, and their webcomic ‘One of Those Days’ has amassed 5.5 million followers on Instagram alone. Through vivid, expressive, and energetic pictures, the pair chronicles their daily activities and enjoyable parenting experiences with their two kids, daughter Ariel and new boy Ethan.

They have a distinctive style that you can recognize right away, which captures your interest and won’t let you look away. But more than anything, their experiences have a profound impact on you because we can all identify to them so well. Yes, dear pandas, it is true.

See some of Yehuda and Maya’s top brand-new cartoons below, and tell us what you think in the comments! once you’ve finished scrolling.

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Any successful and content long-term relationship is founded on the foundation of trust. And it appears that Yehuda and Maya have complete faith in one another.

I consulted relationship guru Dan Bacon of The Modern Man for advice on how to (re)build and sustain trust in a committed partnership. He asserts that while trust may be managed to a certain extent, it is a given. The other person must take care of and honour the confidence that has been put in them without being compelled to or frequently reminded of it.

You must place entire faith in the other person and allow them to look after them.You should refrain from micromanaging it. They are responsible for maintaining your faith in them by upholding it without feeling any pressure from you.









Like everyone else, we have been unable to overcome the pandemic’s restrictions, thus in order to continue operating in this environment, we must exercise extreme creativity. Yehuda said to my colleague in an interview, “We have changed our conferences and seminars by moving them online, and we made sure to be at events online as often as possible.


Numerous comics by Yehuda and Maya were also created in response to the recent Olympics.




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