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20 Laugh Out Loud Bizarro Comics That Prove Humour Is The Best Medicine

Bizarro is a single-panel comic strip created by artist Dan Piraro that has appeared since 1985 in more than 360 newspapers and periodicals.

Piraro, a veteran cartoonist, has transitioned to web-based comics, a completely new field where the competition is severe and most creators struggle to make a livelihood from even the most fundamental aspects of their craft.

The prolific artist Piraro strives to produce a new comic book every day, 365 days a year. His interpretation of the absurdity and stupidity of modern life is intended to make you think as much as laugh, and he lives somewhere in Mexico with his devoted wife (whom he refers to as his “Olive Oyl”).

His single pane jewels are described in his description as “a singular combination of bizarre images, social criticism, and smart puns. In actuality, if Oscar Wilde, Garry Trudeau, and Salvador Dali had a kid, that child would be Dan Piraro.

Although he has created tens of thousands of comics with a wide range of themes, this list is solely devoted to therapy. The number of the “secret symbols” Piraro has added is shown just above his signature. He frequently uses them in his comics. Look for the abbreviation “K2” (referring to his sons Krelspeth and Krapuzar), an eyeball (the eyeball of observation), a piece of cake (the cake of opportunity), a rabbit (the bunny of exuberance), an alien in a spaceship (the flying saucer of possibility), a stick of dynamite (the dynamite of unintended consequences), a shoe (the lost moccasin), an arrow (the

Are they all still there? To view some of Piraro’s vintage comics, recline on the sofa, relax, and scroll down.

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