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20 Hilarious, Weird, and Dark Comics That Show Anything Is Possible

Dark humour makes everything amusing, just as flavorful spices enhance the flavour of food. Don’t you think that without such absurd humour, most cartoons today hardly ever manage to create any lasting effects on our minds? exactly! It’s time to introduce you to Tony Esp, the renowned cartoonist with a really dark sense of humour, if you want to brighten up your dull days! Believe us! His comics will certainly make you cry with laughter every time you read them, no matter how hectic your life may be!.

In 2016, a Mexican artist named Tony Esp created comics. He once read the animated “Rosiana Rabbit” series by Alex Dempsey, which served as the catalyst for his decision to pursue a career in the arts. Most of his bizarre ideas come to him out of nowhere, occasionally from his personal life. My strange comics, since I don’t have a particular art style for them. His unique works fluidly go from a stable family to horrifyingly odd and even cause him to get confused. He said bluntly, “If I had to describe them, I would say: WTF.”

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Tony Espp is a firm advocate of the direct notion “death of the author” theory. The hardest aspect of making storyboards, he said, was coming up with funny jokes. He constantly has jokes in mind, and as we previously stated, he would need a whole year and a half to sketch them all, just in case they weren’t so useless. The artist endured a great deal of suffering during the COVID-19 pandemic, but he never considered abandoning his intense passion for the arts. “You won’t get anything done if you wait for things to get better before you start.”

Tony Esper thinks that what matters more than whether someone likes or dislikes his writing is the attention it receives from readers. If you’ve already felt stimulated, let us know, and get ready to grab 20 miniature bars of his most popular animation down below! Spend a few minutes to check out his social media channels if you’d like to see more. Have fun and a good day!


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#1 Me Being Happy

#2 “Nice try, but i know the real doctor doesn’t wear pants.”

#3 “I’m going to keep this, buddy, for investigation”

#4 You’re Not The Father!

#5 Untouched Leftovers

#6 “Nobody cared who I was till I put on the mask.”

#7 Still Not Pregnant Tho

#8 “Why have you forsaken me mother!

#9 “Take sometime to relax take care of yourself.”

#10 The Truth

#11 Never Go Past Your Bedtime

#12 “I wish I had friends to play smash with.”

#13 Watch Out!

#14 “Seriously kids this days, don’t even know what respect is.”

#15 “What do you mean the company is going bankrupt!!”

#16 The Reencounter

#17 “Drawing hands is hard, so I’m constantly trying to avoid them.”

#18 Heartbeat

#19 Running Late

#20 “Love comes in unexpected ways so don’t be a fool click that link!”


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