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These hilarious comics from a Canadian creator can surprise you with their unexpected conclusions (20 New Photos)

Canadian artist Blanche has an unquestionably unique sense of humour. She enjoys making cartoons that make people laugh and enjoys making people laugh.

The artist produces amusing drawings that depict absurd life occurrences or a fantastical world with mermaids and other animals after earning a Bachelor’s degree in comedy arts from the University of Québec en Outaouais (UQO).

Making comics for her, according to Blanche, is a lot of fun. It’s a form of art that is incredibly adaptable. They also touch on some of the other forms of art I enjoy, like cinema or animated movies. A comedy is essentially a book version of a movie; it has frames and points of view, characters, books, theatre, drama, humour, horror, beauty, and the list goes on. I adore it. We hope you enjoy them as well!

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Since she was a child, Blanche has read numerous comic books, she admitted. When she was about 13 years old, she made the decision to illustrate her own tale, which is how she first started making comics.

I have always enjoyed sketching. He used to doodle nonstop in class while he was in high school. I also like theatre and improvisation, among other forms of art. But the one thing I couldn’t live without was comics and drawing in general.



Lanche draws inspiration from a variety of sources, and it need not be particularly noteworthy. It can be something the artist thought up at random or something they encountered.

Blanche has been drawing mermaids a lot lately, so we’re wondering whether this is her newest obsession. The artist retorted that she was taking part in the Mirmay challenge. She was required to sketch a mermaid every day starting in May. Every year, several painters work on the same topic. Though I didn’t have the time to draw a comic every day, I set a goal for myself to draw a mermaid-related one for each comic I publish throughout the month.



Both English and French are used in each of Blanche’s cartoons. It is crucial for the artist to remember her own French-Canadian heritage and language. It may also be a fantastic method for English speakers to pick up some French!















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