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Here are 20 absurd comics by Colms Comics that are full of jokes and unexpected twists.

Instagram has developed into a goldmine of artistic talent with producers from all over the world showcasing their own styles and captivating audiences with their creativity. “Colms Comics,” one of these widely-followed creators on Instagram, is well-known for his bizarre comics that are jam-packed with gags and surprising turns. Thanks to its growing fan base and unique graphic aesthetic, Colms Comics has been making waves in the webcomic industry.

The account’s creator, known only by the moniker “Colms Comics,” is known for his sharp and original sense of humour. He typically depicts bizarre and offbeat scenarios in his comics that catch viewers off guard and make them chuckle. With surprising punchlines and clever visual puns, Colms Comics injects humour into everyday situations and uninteresting conditions, bringing a fresh perspective to the comics business. His comics frequently strike a chord with viewers who may be able to relate to the bizarre situations and amusing remarks depicted in the panels.

He currently has 38,500 followers on Instagram. Despite adopting a minimalist style with simple line art and a limited colour palette, Colm Comics’ comics manage to portray an incredibly high level of depth and emotion. Comic book characters usually have exaggerated expressions and gestures, which increases their comedic value. The humour and unexpected turns are highlighted by the photos’ simplicity and lack of clutter. If you need a good laugh and a dose of unexpected humour, check out his 20 most recent illustrations in the following section. wonderful day to you!

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Credit: Colms Comics

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#1. Spotify wrapped 2022

#2. What is it doctor?

#3. Black jack

#4. Witch Beth

#5. Where is Hitman

#6. Happy Valentines

#7 Dead Shame

#8. I can’t feel my legs

#9. Hello Brighton!

#10. Flirting with death

#11. Hands are hard

#12. Merry Christmas!

#13. Happy Halloween!

#14. Love and kindness

#15. Who are you?

#16. Biblically accurate pick up line

#17. Sketchy

#18. Gotta go faster!

#19. You died!

#20. Life of an artist

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