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Top 17 pictures that refresh your mood from Super Mario Adventure

Mario and Luigi were out on an adventure, in search of the mystical Star cake that was said to grant any wish it’s eater desires. As they searched the mushroom kingdom, they could hear the delicious smell of freshly baked cake in the air.

The brothers ran eagerly in the direction of the tantalizing scent. Soon they stumbled across a grand castle made entirely of icing, adorned with candy toppers.

As they approached, a magical fairy appeared and greeted them.

“Greetings, brave heroes! I am here to present you with the Star Cake of legend. In order to claim it, you must first pass the test I am about to give you.”

The fairy asked them to each climb to the top of the castle and retrieve the special frosting ingredient that she hid at the peak. The brothers accepted the challenge and ran off.

Mario was the first to make it to the top and discovered that the frosting ingredient was a crystal clear bottle of honey. Luigi, on the other hand, found a vial of magic stars, which could make the cake more delicious than ever.

With both the magical ingredients, they ran back to the fairy who congratulated them and rewarded them with the star cake.

The brothers sliced the cake, shared a piece and watched as the frosting sparkled like stars when it hit their tongues. They then each made a wish before finishing the entire cake in one bite.

Once their wish was granted, Mario and Luigi set out on their next adventure with a belly full of sugary sweetness!


















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