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Friendship and Dating of Ghost with beautiful Girl

Strange as it may seem, the friendship between the ghost and the beautiful girl blossomed into something more. After a few encouraging conversations, the two went to bed. During these days, the beautiful girl could not see the spirit, but its presence could be seen. She felt a warmth radiating from within as if he was standing next to her, talking and having fun as any other date would.

Each time they met, the beautiful girl could feel herself being drawn closer and closer to the spirit, despite not being able to actually see it. Although the two had a strange relationship, the kindness and warmth of the spirit eventually won the heart of the beautiful girl and they continued to date and love each other for a long time.



By the light of the full moon and a slight chill in the air, the ghost appeared before the beautiful maiden. His pale face and dimly glowing eyes were no match for his tragic history. Shrouded in a celestial shroud, the ghost spoke of the date of its death mark in a voice that echoed through the night. The girl’s heart ached for her lost soul, knowing the date of his eternal despair.




















Credit: GoofyGodConics

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