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Top 25 Comics that tells the conflict between villages

This comics is about the war between two villages. Who did not know the reason behind the war. These villages were peaceful villages before the war. The war started due to the misconception of dialouges between them. Same this comics relates to reality, due to misunderstanding between people, communities, countries and states etc the war occur and give an unbearable situation.

The comic Battle of the villages tells the story of two neighboring villages, Ama and Zota, who are embroiled in a bitter and prolonged conflict. No one remembers how it all started but each village blames the other. Once peaceful neighbors, Ama and Zota have lost many lives and destroyed property due to conflict. According to this comics, “In every country, religion and culture, we find laws and traditions designed to alleviate the suffering caused by wars. These principles are at the heart of international humanitarian law, which is the victims of war.” is a universal set of laws protecting, especially children and women, and prohibiting combatants from using certain weapons and armor.

So we will tell about this war through pictures, an illustration and fact and figures of war. The people who participated in the war. What result came after the war finished



























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