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20 Hilarious Comics With A Dark Twist By A Californian Artist

The Danby Draws webcomic, which is updated every Monday and Friday, debuted in August 2020. Daniel Murrell, who resides in Southern California with his family, is the illustrator of his comics. The gag-a-day comic attempts to provide entertaining cartoons that will make readers laugh out and mostly focuses on life, nerd culture, family, and gaming. Murrell has enjoyed reading comic books since he was a little boy and has occasionally drawn for a very long time.

Inspirations? Comic book creators Bill Watterson and Kris Straub are Murrell’s biggest influences. Murrell takes three to ten hours to complete a comic and displays it to his wife for permission before publishing it with their internet audience since art takes time to practise and develop. Although his comics appear straightforward, they occasionally take an unexpected turn. The most recent work of the artist is included here. Check it out and have fun!

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