Funny Childhood Activities Beautifully Recalled in Three Complete Stories (27 Images)


Many of us appreciate the wonderful recollections of our formative years, which are a treasure trove of joy, innocence, and wonder. As a kind of visual storytelling, comics offer a unique and captivating way to capture and depict the amusing, adorable, and even painful moments of childhood. Many of us have fond memories of the amusing, adorable, and innocent things we did when we were younger. We carry our childhood memories with us throughout our lives, and they are treasured diamonds.

These three sweet tales by Instagram user “Oh my Tiny Tin” have skillfully captured these enjoyable childhood memories, bringing to life the beauty and charm of our formative years. She is a talented Filipino illustrator and animator who is most known for her Instagram handle @ohmytinytin. The endearing tales, vivid hues, and gorgeous characters in her artwork captivate viewers of all ages. Her works of art perfectly portray the vast imagination, innocent mischief, and unadulterated joy that we all experienced as children.

We experience joy, warmth, nostalgia, and great memories of our own carefree childhoods when we look at this artist’s work. She already has a big following with 390,000 Instagram followers. Her stories serve as a pleasant reminder of the simple yet significant moments that shape our fondest memories, and her illustrations serve as a monument to the ageless allure of childhood. Obtain a coffee and scroll down to the section below if you want to go back in time. I sincerely hope that everyone will find these examples of creativity to be enjoyable.

Credit: Oh my tiny tin

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Has anyone else played games like this before?

The delight of imaginative play is one of many of our most treasured childhood memories. Creating a castle out of pillows surrounding a sofa and acting like a king or queen is a common childhood game that captures children’s intrinsic ability to turn ordinary objects into magnificent ones.

The game is straightforward but highly inventive. Children may create a beautiful castle complete with walls, towers, and a throne in their living room or play area with only a few pillows and a sofa. The pillows act as the castle’s building pieces, which kids may place and rearrange as they see fit to create various castle designs throughout each play session.

#2. To remove white hairs

When I was younger, my father used to beg me to pluck off his white hairs and pay me one peso for each one. He would joke that he was becoming bald when I got a little too aroused. Did anyone else have similar childhood experiences?

#3. The smoke myth

For a while when I was a child, I thought the smoke that comes from the meat that people prepare was actually the animal’s spirit leaving the body. What bizarre notions did you hold as a child?


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