20 Rubes Comics By Leigh Rubin That Will Make Your Day Brighter


Everybody is born with undiscovered talents. Have you figured out what your purpose in life is? Of certainly, there is something special about you that makes you stand out from everyone else. So let me make things simple for you if you have no idea what I’m talking about. Think about what keeps you going or what things you enjoy doing no matter how much you do them. I’m hoping this introduces you to a new side of yourself that you haven’t encountered before.

One of these individuals, who has been aware of his secret skill since he was a youngster, will be introduced to us. We are discussing the well-known cartoonist Leigh Rubin. In the city of New York, Rubin was born. She relocated to California at the age of three. She started her career working for a family printing company. She initially learned of her interest at that point.

Later, she established the greeting card business Rubes Publications. She started creating greeting cards there using musical note-shaped characters. In 1981, Rubin’s first book of cartoons was released. She began everything out in that way. You must want to learn more about her vignettes and cartoons. You will become a fan of her work after reading this collection of her comics that we have put together. To view an example of her work, scroll down.

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